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Gen Speak's Mission

Encouraging youths - regardless of their socioeconomic situation - to improve and develop an interest in public speaking. 

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Welcome to Gen Speak! I'm so glad you found this website! I'm super passionate about breaking down the misconceptions about becoming a public speaker.

My goal is to impact communities all over the world and inspire them to become better and more confident speakers.

Follow me on my journey to achieve this goal and scroll down to learn my story for this organization.

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Founder's Story

Hi everyone! I am Sophia Li! I am passionate about empowering the youth to overcome their fear of public speaking and hosting workshops to learn and improve!

English wasn’t my first language.  I didn’t think much of it because I was just an elementary student and, just like others, did not really care about how I sounded to others. However, as I entered middle school, it felt different. I thought that everyone would judge how I speak because I did not speak as clearly as others. I dreaded presenting to others because every time I had to, my heart starts beating fast, and I think about every little thing that could go wrong. 

When I moved schools the summer of 8th grade, I thought that I could get out of my comfort zone. I decided to sign up for Speech and Debate, the club I longed to join in middle school but never did because I felt like I was not good enough. I was scared the first few rounds I did but realized that no one really cares about how you speak. We all get nervous speaking in front of others but do not show it. 

After discovering that many people feel the same way as me, I became inspired to create an organization that will help them overcome their fear.  I want everyone to feel like they can speak in front of people without fearing judgment. It took a lot of getting out of my comfort zone to realize this, but we all grow from getting out of comfort zones.

To me, my mission is crucial to society. According to The National Institute of Mental Health, public speaking anxiety affects 73% of the population. I plan to help lower that percentage through interactive workshops, interviews, and posts. As the organization grows, I plan on doing blog posts, podcasts, and so much more to encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone and not feel like public speaking is a chore.

-Sophia Li :)

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